Jakarta : The Best Place to Learn Patience

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In the list “Best Of Asia” done by TIME MAGAZINE, Jakarta won as the best place to learn patience.

Do you wonder why?


I think we already know the answer,



YEP!! that’s right, it’s the JAKARTA TRAFFIC JAM !!

oh my! MACET is a disaster

At one time, Bangkok and Jakarta were jointly famed for having the worst traffic in Asia. But in the past decade, Bangkok got its act together through the construction of underground and elevated rail systems, leaving Jakarta as the capital of gridlock. Anyone who wishes to dispute this need only consult a 2007 study by the Yayasan Pelangi Indonesia, an environmental NGO, which concluded that traffic delays cost Jakarta $3.5 billion a year in lost productivity and extra fuel costs. The number of vehicles on the road in Jakarta doubled in the preceding 10 years while roads only grew 10%. If nothing is done to improve things, the study predicts, traffic will grind to a complete halt by 2014.

Sometimes it feels like it already has. Two years ago, on one horrible afternoon that I will never forget, it took me six hours to drive less than three kilometers when the city was inundated by heavy rains. As I tried to make my way home, my car overheated and I was forced to urinate in an empty water bottle twice. With tempers flaring, and the police looking as paralyzed as the traffic, the military was called in to keep deranged motorists from doing things they would have regretted. (You know things are bad when soldiers are called in to direct traffic.)

a view from my car..

But this kind of experience has taught me and many a Jakarta motorist the forbearance normally reserved for desert-dwelling mystics. Indeed, drifting into a transcendental state is the first way to deal with the city’s traffic. The second is to procure a meticulously programmed iPod. My “gridlock” playlist comprises hundreds of songs, from Autolux to Led Zeppelin. And as my spirit climbs that stairway to heaven above the chaos below, I see through to the true heart of things and understand that it does not matter whether traffic moves or does not move. Traffic simply is, now and for all eternity.


motorcyclist , please honor the rules !!!

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why we chose that title ? without due respect to those users of motorcycles especially in jakarta ,  but this is one factor why the traffic congestion in Jakarta is not controlled. motorcycle users who do not obey traffic rules !!!

besides the number of motorcycles that exceed the number of cars on the road in the Jakarta city, they often forget the rules that apply

let’s try to see some bad habits that are often carried out bikers on the road in jakarta city ……..

we can see how users of motorcycles in Jakarta could not be in line with one another,they are preceded and sometimes racing each other on the street

please…respect to queue

We often see a lot of bikers drive their motorcycle in the sidewalk. As we know it, the sidewalks are made for pedestrians. There is so many a lot of motorcycle users in Jakarta but Jakarta doesn’t have enough space to contain billion of motorcycle. So, they use the sidewalk which is owned by pedestrians. Can we think about that? Where the pedestrians can walk ? Sometimes, they walk in the side of street, and it just increase the traffic jam.

hmmmhh…This is reallynot your ways, sir !!!

Let’s we go to the next habits that is often done by bikers. Driving opposite the “vehicle flow”. This is the parable words in Bahasa Indonesia because there is no more country doing the traffic habits like this. We often see the bikers drive their motorcycle not in their right way. The main cause is, the lap is too far, so the bikers choose to driving opposite the vehicle flow. Drive like this was very dangerous because it can cause the accident between bikers from the right way and the wrong way. Of course it cause the traffic jam, because the bikers from the right way should drive slow down to avoid the accident.

hellooo….you wrong waaayyy 😀

This is a common habits that we have probably done. Grab the traffic light. This is very obvious cause the traffic jam. In the rush hour there so many motorcycle was operated on the street. Can you imagine? How if all the motorcycle grab the traffic light? Oh no! the traffic jam getting so severe. There is so many motorcycle want to go to the East, then there is so many motorcycle want to go to the South, etc.

When traffic light is red, there so many motorcycle stop in front of the line stop which is zebra cross. It cause the pedestrians hard to walk in the zebra cross. They must walk out of the zebra cross, and it cause the traffic jam again.

siiirr pleasee stop behind the line 😦

There is a rule which say that, when the driver want to turn right, get the right way and line up but what’s happened now? Many of bikers do not obey that rule, when they getting closer with the lap, they just cutting line of the other drivers, pile up in one point, and the traffic jam occurs very perfect.

Rain is one of the main causes of traffic jam. How the bikers face the rain? Yes, take shelter. Many of bikers take shelter under the bridge which is takes half of way, and of course traffic jam again. But this is not the only way to face the rain. Moreover they know that volume of motorcycle users are going up everyday, and now is the time of rain season. As a good bikers, they should prepare their needs well. The one way is bring the raincoat anytime they drive. So, they no need to take shelter too long.

pppfftt…so crowded…

thanks..you follow the rules :)..keep safety !!!

therefore, let us all especially the motorcycle users to comply with and respect forfellow road users to drive on the street will feel comfortable and certainly to reduce congestion
byeee,,,,and keep safety riding 🙂


6 Tips on What to Do in Traffic Jam

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Hi peeps!!

Have you ever felt so bored to death in a traffic jam?


Well, we believe that most people who live in Jakarta, had experienced this kind of situation.

Jakarta is a dynamic city whose population is getting more and more crowded every year. No wonder, traffic jam is a daily lifestyle in Jakarta, especially in the morning and afternoon to evening.

Jakarta’s traffic jam, undoubtedly wastes people time. Can you imagine?? It approximately takes 1-2 hours for someone to travel from a place to another in a Jakarta traffic jam. Now, the next question is, what will you do if you get stuck in a traffic jam like that? Just sit nicely and waiting??

err no, we don’t suggest that..

So, Here are some tips on what to do if you are stuck in a traffic jam!

1. Learn some language

if you are a tourist who is visiting Jakarta, we suggest you to open your dictionary, and learn some words that will probably useful in your trip in Jakarta.

if you are a Jakarta citizen, we suggest you to learn some foreign language with books, CDs, or whatever your media is. Better than doing nothing, huh?

2. Listen to something

Listening to the radio, an mp3 player, ipod, audiobooks, etc might be a good idea to kill the boredom. It would be really nice to sing along to some music, or to get some information from the radio, like traffic report.

3. Play game

To entertain yourself , you can try to play some simple games like crosswords from the newspaper, or some video games in your gadgets. But of course, beware of the pickpockets who will take away your gadgets in public transport. They’re very dangerous!

4. Get to know someone new

In a public transport, its not a bad idea if you can make new friends with some people around you. Who knows if they could be your acquaintance, good friends after wards, or even your future spouse!

5. Sleep

Sleeping is recommended for people who did not get enough sleep the night before. 1-2 hours sleep in a traffic jam would be quite nice to replace your sleeping hour. PS : NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU ARE DRIVING! or you will end up on the hospital bed =,=

6. Take pictures

If you are a traveler, it might be a nice idea to take pictures of Jakarta city.  Traffic jam is a good time to take pictures, because there will be some moments when the vehicle is not moving. And hopefully in the future when you look back at the picture, you will remember Jakarta along with its busy lifestyle.

How To Solve Traffic in Jakarta???

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Traffic seems the most exactly word to describe this metropolitan city, Jakarta. Traffic always be a barrier for everyone who lives in here. Now, I am going to elaborate how to solve this problem which has been happening from long time ago.  First, we have discovered that traffic always brings us to many disadvantages such as  produce the pollution day by day , and also it always bothers our activities, like business, school, in other words traffic is very unpredictable so that some people often come late because of this.  The following methods are some efforts to solve the traffic in Jakarta.

  • 3 in 1

This methods has been implemented in Jakarta but it seems does not work well enough. We also can find a lot of “ joki” , person who can be rented to ride someone’s car to get rid off  the police the and also in order to be at least 3 people in 1 car that’s why we call it 3 in 1 to reduce the traffic. It’s not allowed that only one or two people drive a car.

  • Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

According to Wikipedia , Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is “an electronic toll collection scheme adopted in Singapore to manage traffic by road pricing, and as a usage-based taxation mechanism to complement the purchase-based Certificate of Entitlement system“.

This system gives charges to whom pass some certain roads that have a possibilities to cause traffic in a certain time. The usage of this system had ever been told by Sutiyoso in November 2006 and now had been an implemented issue by Gubernur DKI Jakarta. This also  becomes alternative way to face this problem and had been applied in Jakarta to avoid traffic .

  • Vehicle with odd or even  number each day

This system has been applied in Beijing, China. This rules are the vehicles that have last number 1 or 3 only be able to pass on Monday, mean while , they who have 2 and 4 as their last number only pass in Tuesday, 5 and 7 can only pass on Wednesday, 6 and 8 can only pass on Thursday and 9 and 0 as their last number have only Friday to pass the road, and the last in Saturday and Sunday all vehicle with every number can pass the road.

To whom do not obey the rules will be charged 100 yuan.

  • The limitation of vehicles time

General rules for the vehicle limitation after being created is 10 -15 years. That means the government ought to have large amount of budget to stock the products in the distributor so that when the buyers are about to buy vehicle, the limited time is still can be used for longer time otherwise it can cause social damage.

Some methods above may become possible ways to face traffics in Jakarta.

Flyover Tanah Abang – Kampung Melayu Project

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At the end of 2010, development project along the 1.6 km flyover Tanah Abang – Kampung Melayu began. Government said that the flyover would be very helpful in tackling traffic jam in Jakarta. However, when flyover construction process took place exactly cause traffic jam severe enough along KH. Mas Mansyur, flyover Karet and Prof. Dr. Satrio.

This is caused because of the closure of some sections of the road. Inevitably, like it or not society should accept it and be patient until the project will be complete in 2012 as promised by the government. Then is it true that this flyover would help tackle traffic jam? No one knows, the publics only guess and hope that traffic jam will be resolved.

Some say, too many people in Jakarta have a personal vehicle to be one trigger of jams. This statement is actually also need to be considered by the government in making policies besides to build flyover. Whether the government will also limit the number of private vehicle ownership in each individual? At least the government is already moving to try to build the flyover Tanah Abang – Kampung Melayu. Hopefully this can help tackle traffic jam.

Traffic Jam is a big mystery in Jakarta, which is very difficult to be solved..

Transportation Problems and Congestion in Jakarta

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Jakarta, no day without traffic jams. There was no empty gap day without traffic jams from Monday to Sunday. Jakara is a city full of activities is never separated from it. It is unfortunate when a metropolitancity like Jakarta never overcome the congestion. Congestion in Indonesia, especially in the capital region most populous. For residents of Jakarta, traffic jams have become a daily routine. The distance that should be taken for 15-30 minutes can be 2-3 hours. In fact, in our opinion is one of the traffic jam seems the biggest problem that hit the capital.

Quoted from the source of R&D Kompas,adapted from the BPS Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government the Polda Metro Jaya 2011. Transportation problems and congestion in Jakarta is as follow:

The number of motor vehicles:

  • Personal vehicles : 5,7 million units (98,5%)
  • Public transportation : 88,477 units (1,5%)

Use of vehicles:

  • Motor vehicles in Jakata range from 20,7 million per day
  • Personal vehicles to serve about  44% and 56% of public transportation. This led to public transportation at rush hour crowded

Increased number of private vehicles

Everday in Jakarta increased vehicle 1,172 unit. Consisting of 186 units of cars and 986 units of motorcycles.

Losses due to traffic jams

Reach Rp 17,2 trillion per year (in calculating the value of time, fuel costs, and health costs)


April 2, 2011 § 3 Comments

Macetology is a term originated from word “Macet” in bahasa Indonesia or “Traffic Jam” in English. And yes…, traffic jam is one of the Jakarta lifestyle. So Macetology Is all about traffic jam that always happen in Jakarta, almost every day people in Jakarta suffering because of it…, AAArgh!

Yes, it sound stressfull and sometimes little bit challenging, haha, because when we are in hurry to catch something (working, meeting, or go to campus), sometimes we must try another way to go, different from the way that usually we pass (whether it’s a small path, road full of dirt and mud, even a road that make us confused..or..getting lost..)

This blog is made for our study of Multimedia Design, and our group member are : Antonius Bimo, Alexander Damara, Calvina Roberto, Elisa Suryani, Gamas Triputra, Geraldo Aditya, Gerry Tanamas, and Dea Clarinta.